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True Neutral Male Silothreni
Level 16 Wizard

Str 9   Dex 13   Con 13   Int 21   Wis 15   Cha 13   Hit Points: 84

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

This gifted wizard of the Sarruni Silothreni traveled from the underworld as an emmisarry to the surface in search of new magical knowledge to take back to his people. In his homeland he is a renowned scholar of academic and arcane arts. After teaching there for nearly a century he views this new duty as something of a vacation and he intends. Even though his skin suffers from the same reaction to the sun as the rest of his race, he intends to continue visiting the surface world until he tires of it.
    So far, Saryon has had little cause to become bored with life upon the surface world. In the last forty years he has seen the gods of old overthrown; the birth, rise, and destruction of the Dark God and the time known as the Black Scourge; the weakening and rebuilding of the ancient Seals of Chaos; a civil war in the mighty country of Greentree; and he has traveled the breadth of the world to exotic places like the Cursed Rift of the Jarik Glacier, the ancient city of Tel-Akbar, and through-out the magnificent birth of human civilization called the Eastern Empire.
    Throughout it all Saryon has been at the center of the action, an unusual experience for an academic as he is. Many of his travels have been alongside the great heroes Lord Garben Gilthanus and the sorceress Kati-Brie Khahun. Their adventurous lifestyles have greatly influenced him.
    Saryon is introspective, yet highly cognizant of what is going on about him. He tends to consider the long term ramifications of important events and he is conscientious of the complexities of social relationships and their influence over people. If he was not a teacher, he would probably have become a valuable advisor to some Silothreni prince. Saryon enjoys learning the surface world's history, exploring ancient locations, and studying unusual magics. He is tall for his race, standing slightly more than seven feet tall. He is slender and in good physical condition due to his many travels. Saryon dislikes wearing masks, as most of his kind do while upon the surface, since he feels it alienates him from members of the surface races. Instead he wears a deeply hooded robe while outside and gloves upon his hands.