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Sir Sereaad

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 7 Fighter

Str 17   Dex 18   Con 15   Int 10   Wis 10   Cha 14   Hit Points: 66

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:

This great knight hails from the southern shores of the Eastern Empire. Wielding mighty claymore he has faced numberous terrible foes, including the white dragon Basiliximab which he slew, thus gaining his knighthood. Sereaad has a quick wit and a confident air about him. He travels about the Eastern Empire taking on quests and traveling with various groups of adventurers. He is distantly related to Lord Daylin of Westergard Keep. He rides a magnificent gray charger and typically wears a well polished and taken care of suit of plate mail. During an attempt to recover the original tomb of Torim Zurkies, Sereaad was amoung the many slain during an encounter against a hoard of undead lead by a lich.