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Commander Shadok Bain

Chaotic Evil Male Mored-hel
Level 15 Fighter
Level 7 Ranger

Str 17   Dex 21   Con 23   Int 14   Wis 17   Cha 7   Hit Points: 257

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Few warriors are as feared, ruthless, purely evil, and powerful as Shadok Bain. As a favored pawn, Shadok Bain led the armies of the Dark God from victory to victory with his brilliant tactics and ruthless mercilessness.
    Shadok Bain was once human. As a mercenary who roamed the Midden Kingdoms, he led a small troop of other warriors on raids against towns and caravans. Having made a more than ample sum of wealth in this manner, he killed several members of his group who he disliked, and then he and those remaining set off to foreign lands to pursue the same crimes and in search of powerful magics.
    As they traveled, Shadok rose in experience and power. Sparing none who came against him, his fame as a deadly and warrior of evil grew. Finally, after many years of selfish pillaging and destruction, he was struck by an inspiration. His pleasure in killing those who fought to defend his victims had diminished with each successful fight he waged, a new challenge was needed to fill his time. Using those who served him he forged a rule of tyranny over a growing region of land, located where he had made his beginnings.
    It was not long after he had established himself as dictator when a servant of the Dark God came to him. Finding the prospect of not just conquering towns, but cities and nations tempting, and finding the offer of immortality even more inviting, Shadok made a pact with the emerging Dark God and shed his mortal human shell for the empty spirit of a Mored-hel.
    He quickly proved himself valuable to the Dark God. His knowledge of the lands, leaders, people, and fortifications in the vast surrounding region aided the evil armies well. His skill in weaponry helped to fell powerful leaders of the opposition. Lastly, none were so successful as Shadok Bain in recruiting others to the ranks of the Mored-hel. Few could resist his offer after being subjected to the unimaginable horrors of torture that his twisted mind created.
    It was not until many successful campaigns had been waged against those who defended the world against the Dark God's reign, when the Dark God was neigh certain of conquering the last fortifications which he did not hold, that the efforts of a small group of elite heros forced its evil presence from the world and back to its dark dimension. Without a leader, the armies of the Dark God fell to chaos. Shadok Bain, quickly established himself as the head of several remaining fragments and tried to continue his masters plans. But without the divine evil and magic of the Dark God and with the returning of the other newer gods presences into the world, Shadok could not win. The tide of deserters from his armies grew and fought against him until little remained.
    Shadok continues to work as one of the greater forces of chaos in the world. His whereabouts are now unknown, but his occasional appearance and actions still push the drive of evil relentlessly against the good of the world.
    Some say he has traveled from this world to others, in search of the power to bring back his evil god of destruction, or perhaps seeking the power to become another god-like power of evil himself. With immortality on his side, who can say how high his aspirations will lead him.
    Shadok Bain is easily recognizable and shockingly memorable. He has grey hair on the right half of his head, sometimes worn in braids and other times worn disheveled, and he shaves the other half of his hair to expose a nasty scar that goes up from just below his left eye, upto and over the back of his head. Quite obviously his head was nearly chopped in two during some battle. Being immortal though he came back to life soon after - and probably slew the fellow who did it to him. He is built strong and is quick, these are the results of his nearly four decades of campaigning and warring. Shadok does not care much for appearances and often forgets about his own for weeks at a time. This seems to be a trend among mored-hel who have survived for a long time.