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Neutral Evil Male Wyrm Dragon

Str 41   Dex 15   Con 32   Int 26   Wis 27   Cha 24   Hit Points: 647

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Slowly, at first, the cave in the distant clearing begins to pulse with a dull ember glow, but as it becomes brighter like the flames of hell it quickens. As its intense flame-like glow steadies into a constant flicker of red and oranges whips of fire creep around the edges of the cave mouth. Then, like a whirlwind, a single bright coil of flame reaches forth from the cave, intensifies and grows. Twisting about itself it quests forth and up into the air, twisting about in a beautiful unearthly dance of supernatural fire and in the. Rising into the night it twines about itself, 400 feet long or more, high in the night sky, illuminating the field below as a snake of fire, dancing through the air above in a complex and baffling turns before finally it leaves and weaves through the air to the southeastern horizon.
    Sharmolg is a great snake, or dragon some might say, of fire of over 400 feet in length. This terrible tyrant of fire was the core leader of a large group of rogues and felons who had halted the great caravans that travel from Tel-Akbar and Wereskalot onto the east and beyond. The group never fought Sharmolg, as the beast was awful and magnificently terrific in presence, though the brave adventurers did sow chaos through-out the hoards of followers of the beast until they deserted and could harass the caravans no longer.