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Master Shohan

Lawful Neutral Male Haruninki
Level 17 Monk (Ha-Tae)

Str 16   Dex 19   Con 15   Int 12   Wis 14   Cha 8   Hit Points: 129

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Shohan is the resident master of martial arts within the Mercenaries Hall, and is likely the greatest master of martial arts within Tel-Akbar, if not further. His art form is called Ha-Tai, a derivative style based upon his learning of other styles back in the Homeland. It is unclear why Shohan left the Haruninkian Homeland, he chooses not to reveal his reasons concerning it. Characters may learn martial arts from Shohan, based on the rules for martial arts. Shohan holds classes at the Hall from dawn to dusk, year round. He is a dedicated and meditative man of deep strength and conviction. Though his travels have taken him far and wide across the world in many an adventure, he now practices non-interference with regard to the goings on of the world. Most will find him amiable, though difficult to approach in any manner but formally
    Shohan is Sanjian's master in the martial art of Hai-Tae. Shohan is Haruninkian, short, peaceful in his gaze and graceful in thought as well as movement. He is a collector of rare weaponry and one of the only masters of martial arts to travel out of the Haruninkian Homeland. Shohan is 149 years old and left the Homeland when he was 45. What happened in that time of his life and much before that he does not speak of, though from what Sanjian has been able to gather his birthing Wah was one of no small importance. The Haruchi measure time based from the breaking of the Sultan. Shohan was born in 9477 EY (Elder Year) ir 8177 F (Founding) depending on which system you go by, and he left the Homeland some 45 years later. More about Shohan can be learned here.