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Master Sirtto

Lawful Evil Male Human
Level 8 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Dangers of Hana

The mysterious Master Sirtto conducts his audiences from behind a heavy curtain. It is said that his family is plagued with a magical curse which afflicts the firstborn of each generation. As his father succumbed to the disease before he could have a second child, Sirtto is the last of his family. What will happen to his vast wealth and merchant empire when he dies is a subject frequently discussed by other members of the merchant cartel of Hana.
    Sirtto is a cautious man. Deeply interested in magical items, the occult, and alchemical lore. He has searched far and wide for a cure to his families curse without success. He is known to frequently employing adventurers to help him in his quest. Master Sirtto's manse and compound is located at the north eastern side of the Vretya plateau of the Kiththrapas collection in Hana.