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Neutral Good Male Cerulean
Level 9 Cleric of Chishleen
Level 10 Cerulean of Chishleen

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

A tall and slender man who looked quite young in age. Long golden hair fell from his head, down to his lower back, and he walked with an easy and unnatural grace, normally possible only by the most graceful elven dancers, yet he appeared quite human. Sothar is peaceful in nature and is said to be one of the oldest and most powerful priests of Chishleen, wise beyond his appearance, and respected by others of the faith from far and wide. Yet he is rather reclusive. Dissapearing for weeks occasionally. Once he was gone for several years and thought to be dead, until he was found upon the beach on a beautiful sunny say, smoking some fish over a fire, replying that he had been nearby all along. Sothar is a strange priest, and is gifted with strange powers. When appearing to Archaios for the first time, his form blew into the room from the window facing the ocean, and he formed from the seaspray in the air into his graceful form. Sothar gifted the party with the ability to breath and withstand the dangers of the ocean so they could accompany the Dragon Turtle, named Erika, to her lair.