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True Neutral Male Human
Level 4 Expert
Level 3 Warrior

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

One of the woodsmen who survived the attack or the Meralin (a race of Illithids) upon the hidden stronghold of fugatives who had escaped their dread slavery. Teldor was unique among the fugatives who had once been enslaved by the Meralin as he actually remembered what happened during those years that he served them. Most of hte other woodsmen had no recollection at all once their psionic implants that marked them as slaves had been removed. Teldor survived the surprise raid on the hidden fortress of the woodsmen and escaped from the alternate dimension with the rest of the group as they were being bombarded by fireballs. Teldor is a staunch resistor of anything which might place him in dager of being re-captured by the Meralin once more. He now resides in Woodhelven, in the northeast reaches of the United Kingdoms.