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Lore Keeper Urzudarg

True Neutral Male Silver Dwarf
Level 9 Wizard
Level 2 Loremaster

Str 8   Dex 10   Con 12   Int 16   Wis 9   Cha 11

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

A helpful, though distracted, dwarven wizard who lives in the Halls of Aken, in the hills west of Cathar. He is highly respected for his knowledge of things old. He possesses great knowledge of many things, not only because of great age, but also because of the many books he possesses. Urzudarg is always interested in procuring new texts.
    Urzudarg often dresses in the fine, silvery robes of his order, the Knights of Enlightenment. Though one would never mistake him for a warrior; the Knights of Enlightenment are an order of intellectuals among the Silver Dwarves. He has a pointy and long silvery beard which compliments the costume and he wears a rumpled cap of knowledge atop his balding head. Urzudarg is happy to help people, but he doesn't work for free since he needs the funds he acquires to purchase texts and hire adventurers to seek out forgotten things for him. He tends to speak in run on sentences and he has a strong belief that the universe is self-balancing through a complex set of contradictions and powers.