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Lord Valont Gilantyr

Lawful Evil Male Human
Level 3 Aristocrat
Level 6 Demonist

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Father of Sheradn, Lord Gilantyr Sr. passed away unexpectedly during one of his many social gatherings which he use to hold at his keep. Lord Gilantyr was extremely prejudiced against religion and was in the process of disinheriting his older son, Amual, when he died. Amual refused to have anything to do with the family estate and had been out of contact with the family for three years since he joined the order of Lathidus. Thus the riches of the deceased lord passed onto the younger son, Sheradn. The suspicion is that Sheradn, suspecting his fathers evil, and also being greedy and an opportunist, poisoned his father and thus killed him. Apparently Gilantyr Sr.'s hatred of religious practicioneers was so complete that he refused help from priests with the arts of healing when his wife had tuberculosis - thus she died. It is said, and quite certain to our adventurers, that his keep is haunted by a great many spirits.
    After some investigation, the party discovered that Lord Gilantyr Sr. was a demonist. Among many other evils, he apparently subjected his daughter, Emaly, to possession after her fall from the keep's walls rendered her temporarily comatose.