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Master Zenerman

True Neutral Male Human
Level 2 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Dangers of Hana

The personal chancellor of Master Sirtto. Zenerman politely and efficiently oversees all that goes on in the manse and compound of Master Sirtto. Making sure that guests needs are taken care of, making arrangements for Sirtto, and keeping the functioning of the household running smoothly. Zenerman's family has served for Master Sirtto in one capacity or another for several generations.
    Zenerman has olive colored skin, like a true upper class Hanoi inhabitant. He is slight of build, but in good physical shape and he is conscientious about his health. He is exceedingly polite and politic when he speaks. If any are the confidant of Master Sirtto, it would be Zenerman that knows his family's secrets.