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Master Patiro Vannalo

True Neutral Male Human
Level 6 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Dangers of Hana

The head of the Vannalo family and its vast trading consortium, Patiro keeps himself fairly distanced from his other family members, allowing only those in his favor to come into his presence and help with the "family" business. The Vannalo family is based out of Minoc, and is deeply entwined in the politics at Valorian Keep. Their trading empire is spread throughout the Gulf of Biengyar.
    Patiro is a brisk man, decisive and not wont to waste time with anything trivial. He expects people to do their job and can get quite angry when his standards of quality and success are not met.
    Dangers of Hana: Nodonlun briefly stayed with at the Vannalo's manor, commissioned by the college Ars Arcane and sent to serve Indaleth, one of Patiro's minor sons.