Mind* Domain

Source: Defenders of the Faith
Deities: Arden, Dauwan Dal-daul, Illustree, Shistar.
Granted Power: Gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Innuendo, Read Lips, and Sense Motive checks. Gain a +2 bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.
    *This domain is available only as a prestige domain.

Mind* Domain Spells
  1  Comprehend Languages. Understand all spoken and written languages.PHB
  2  Detect Thoughts. Allows ''listening'' to surface thoughts.PHB
  3  Lesser Telepathic Bond. Link with subject within 30 ft. for 10 min./level.DotF
  4  Discern Lies. Reveals deliberate falsehoods.PHB
  5  Rary's Telepathic Bond. Link lets allies communicate.PHB
  6  Probe Thoughts. Read subject's memories, one question/round.DotF, CDiv
  7  Brain Spider. Eavesdrop on thoughts of up to eight other creatures.DotF, CDiv
  8  Mind Blank. Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.PHB
  9  Weird. As phantasmal killer, but affects all within 30 ft.PHB