Constructs Domain

Source: Relics & Rituals II
Deities: Brakah.
Granted Power: rebuke or command constructs as an evil cleric rebukes undead. The cleric may use these abilities a total number of tiems per day equal to his Charisma modifier +3. Clerics also gain access to magic spells required to create any type of golem. This ability may be used a number of times equal to the number of rebuke attempts available to an evil cleric of equal level.

Constructs Domain Spells
  1  Invisibility to Constructs. As invisibility but affects only constructs.D&tD
  2  Stop Golem. As hold person but functions against golems.D&tD
  3  Shout. Deafens all within cone and deals 2d6 damage.PHB
  4  Strength of Nalthalos. Subject gains 1d8+4 temporary strength.D&tD
  5  Transfer Sentience. Subject and target golem exchange minds.D&tD
  6  Heal Construct. As the spell heal, but on constructs.D&tD
  7  Reconstruct. As the spell resurrection but affects constructs.D&tD
  8  Iron Body. Your body becomes living iron.PHB
  9  Steal Control. Steal control of any construct in sight.D&tD