Dream II Domain

Source: Divine and the Defeated, Relics & Rituals II
Deities: Dauwan Dal-daul, Illustree, Shistar.
Granted Power: Once per night, while sleeping, you may attempt a Scry check (DC 20) to gain the answer to some question, as per the spell divination. You require at least 3 hours of sleep to use this divine gift. This is a supernatural ability.

Dream II Domain Spells
  1  Sleep. Put 2d4 HD of creatures into comatose slumber.PHB
  2  Minor Image. As silent image, plus some sound.PHB
  3  Modify Memory. Changes 5 minutes of subjects memories.PHB
  4  Phantasmal Killer. Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals 3d6 damage.PHB
  5  Dream. Sends message to anyone sleeping.PHB
  6  Nightmare. Sends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatigue.PHB
 Deep Sleep. Put a large number of creatures into a deep sleep from which only magic can wake them.R&R2
  7  Vision. As legend lore but quicker and strenuous.PHB
  8  Maze. Traps subject in extradimensional maze.PHB
  9  Weird. As phantasmal killer, but affects all within 30 ft.PHB