Entrancement Domain

Source: Divine and the Defeated, Relics & Rituals II
Deities: Hiteh, Illustree.
Granted Power: Overwhelming presence: the cleric has the supernatural ability to gain an enhancement bonus to Charisma that is equal to her level. Activating the power os a free action and the power is usable once per day. This power lasts for a length of time necessary to use the bonus granted on a single roll. Thus it may last an entire evening if used on a Diplomacy roll during a dinner, or but a single round if used to augment an undead turning attempt.

Entrancement Domain Spells
  1  Charm Person. Makes one person your friend.PHB
 Hypnotism. Fascinates 2d4 HD of creatures.PHB
  2  Commanding Presence. Subject gains 1d4+1 Cha for 1 hr./level.R&R
 Enthrall. Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.PHB
  3  Suggestion. Compels subject to follow stated course of action.PHB
 Siren Song. Causes multiple targets to be drawn inexorably toward the caster.D&tD
  4  Emotion. Arouses strong emotion in subject.PHB
  5  Dominate Person. Controls humanoid telepathically.PHB
 Mind Fog. Subjects in fog get -10 Wis, Will checks.PHB
  6  Rie's Dance of Seduction. Charms all who view the dancer.R&R
 Mass Suggestion. As suggestion, plus one/level subjects.PHB
  7  Incite. Enlist a large group to achieve a specified goal.R&R
  8  Mass Charm. As charm monster, but all within 30 ft.PHB
  9  Convert. Subject gains belief in your god.R&R