Shadow Domain

Source: Divine and the Defeated, Relics & Rituals II
Deities: Shistar.
Granted Power: Add your level to Hide and Move Silently skill rolls while in shadow.

Shadow Domain Spells
  1  Shade's Sight. Creature touched may look from nearby shadows.R&R
 Reshape Shadow. Changes the shape of a natural shadow.R&R
  2  Gloom. Creates an area of shadowy light around a touched object.R&R
 Animate Shadow. Shadows become ropes that entangle.R&R
  3  Shadow Touch. Caster has strength draining touch.R&R
 Shadow Strike. Damage inflicted on a shadow is transferred to its owner.R&R
  4  Shadow Shield. Protects the caster from sight and scrying.R&R
 Shadow Form of Lyrand. Caster turns himself into a natural shadow.R&R
  5  Imbue Shadow. Turns an ordinary shadow into a shadow creature.R&R
 Curtain of Darkness. Creates a black wall that blocks sight and scrying.R&R
  6  Shadow Smash. Permanently turns any object into a shadow version of itself.R&R
  7  Shadow Walk. Step into shadow to travel rapidly.PHB
  8  Shadow Twin. Turns a creature's shadow into a hostile twin.R&R
  9  Eclipse. Causes the sun(s) in the sky to be eclipsed.R&R