Spirit Domain

Source: Undead
Deities: Dauwan Dal-daul.
Granted Power: You cannot be attacked by allips, ghosts, nightshades, shadows, spectres, or wraiths as long as another target remains.

Spirit Domain Spells
  1  Obscuring Mist. Fog surrounds you.PHB
  2  Darkness. 20-ft. radius of supernatural darkness.PHB
  3  Helping Hand. Ghostly hand leads subject to you.PHB
  4  Air Walk. Subject reads on air as if solid (climb at 45-degree angle).PHB
  5  Ethereal Jaunt. You become ethereal for 1 round/level.PHB
  6  Etherealness. Travel to Ethereal Plane with companions.PHB
  7  Greater Scrying. As scrying but faster and longer.PHB
  8  Discern Location. Exact location of creature or object.PHB
  9  Soul Bind. Traps newly dead soul to prevent resurrection.PHB