Demonic Domain

Source: Book of Vile Darkness
Granted Power: Character gains +1 divine bonus on attack and damage rolls for unarmed strikes and attacks with natural weapon.

Demonic Domain Spells
  1  Demonflesh. Caster gains +1 natural armor/5 caster levels.BoVD
  2  Demoncall. Caster gains +10 on one Knowledge (planes), Knowledge (arcana), or Knowledge (religion) check.BoVD
  3  Demon Wings. Caster flies at his land speed.BoVD
  4  Dimensional Anchor. Bars extradimensional movement.PHB
  5  Lesser Planar Binding. Traps outsider until it performs a task.PHB
  6  Planar Binding. As lesser planar binding, but upto 16 HD.PHB
  7  Fiendish Clarity. Caster sees in even magical darkness, sees invisible up to 60 feet, and can detect good.BoVD
  8  Utterdark. 100-ft./level radius of darkness that evil creatures can see through.BoVD
  9  Gate. Connects two planes for travel or summoning.PHB