Dream Domain

Source: World of Sulerin
Deities: Dauwan Dal-daul, Illustree, Shistar.
Granted Power: You gain a spell-like ability, Word of Somnolence, similiar in nature to the spell sleep. Once per day you may cause a single targeted creature within 10 ft. of you to immediately fall into a deep slumber. The creature must be able to hear you pronounce the word "sleep" towards it, though it need not understand the language that you speak. The targeted creature may choose to make a Will saving throw to negate the effects of your Word of Somnolence. The DC of this saving throw is 10 + one-half your divine caster level + your Charisma modifier bonus.

Dream Domain Spells
  1  Cognition. Allows target to control what they dream while sleeping.WoS
  2  Luchard's Somnolent Interaction. Interact and influence a creatures dreams.WoS
  3  Luchard's Sleeping Sight. View in your dreams a place you have physically visited.WoS
  4  Dream Speak. Allows two creatures to communicate to each other through dreams.WoS
  5  Dream Lock. Target creatures fall into a debilitating, nightmarish sleep for 1 day/level.WoS
  6  Arise. You control one creatures actions while they sleep.WoS
  7  Vision. As legend lore but quicker and strenuous.PHB
  8  Dreamality. Subjects physical body is altered to match their dream personas physique.WoS
  9  Spirit Roam. Creates a remote image of the caster that can interact with its surroundings.WoS