Pain Domain

Source: Book of Vile Darkness
Granted Power: Character converts damage that he deals in one blow per day into healing for himself, up to 1 point of damage per level.

Pain Domain Spells
  1  Angry Ache. Subject takes -2 penalty on attack rolls.BoVD
  2  Sadism. For every 10 hp damage caster deals, he gains +1 on attacks, saves, and checks.BoVD
  3  Wrack. Blinds subject and renders it helpless for 1 round/level, then 02 on attacks, saves, and checks for 3d10 minutes.BoVD, CDiv
  4  Liquid Pain. Extracts one dose of liquid pain from tortured victim.BoVD
  5  Thousand Needles. Subject takes 2d6 damage and -4 penalty on attacks, saves, and checks.BoVD
  6  Pox. One creature/level takes 1d4 Con drain.BoVD
  7  Wave of Pain. Stuns all within cone for 1 round/2 levels.BoVD
  8  Symbol. Triggered runes have array of effects.PHB
  9  Eternity of Torture. Target is rendered helpless, ageless, and has all abilityscores except Con drop to 0.BoVD