Eye Upon the Speaker
Divination  {Aerea, Faith}
Level: Sor/Wiz 9, Shistar 9
Components: V, S, M, F (XP)
Casting Time: 1 day
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 year
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: No
You invoke the power of your truename, binding your common names to it, llowing you a chance of sensing when another creature speaks of you.
    To cast this spell you must use your personal truename as a focus. You may discover your personal truename through careful research. Each week of research costs 1,000gp per week (for meditative incense, access to library resources, and materials expended in minor magical tests used in discovery). At the end of each week you must make a successful Knowledge check about yourself, appropriate to your creature type. with a DC equal to twice your Hit Dice. If this check is fails then your week of research was unsuccessful. You must perform a number of successful weeks of research equal to half your Hit-Dice, having done this you learn your truename. Research of your personal truename need not be performed all at once. You may, for example, spend ten days in research and then adventure for several weeks before resuming your research.
    While casting this spell you must specify each common name or title which you wish to trigger the spell effect. Each of these names must belong to you, you may not use titles or epithets. Once you have cast Eye Upon the Speaker, anytime a creature which speaks a common name in reference to you, which you specified during spell casting, the Dungeon Master secretly makes a check of d20 + target creature's HD or CR (whichever is greater) against a DC equal to your character level. If the check succeeds, then you are aware that the target creature has spoken your name. Add +5 to the DC of this check if the target creature is on a different plane. If the creature speaks your name three times in succession, reduce the DC of this check by -10.
    If a check succeeds and you sense its invocation, then you immediately gain a sense of how powerful the
Creature Potency    
(HD or CR)
10 or lessWeak
11 to 20Moderate
21 to 30Strong
31 or morePowerful
creature was which spoke of you. A creatures potency is equal to its Hit Dice or Challenge Rating. You are able to discern between different creatures who invoke your name, though you gain no knowledge of the creature beyond its potency unless you act upon the benefits which this spell imparts. In addition to learning the target creature's potency, you gain the following benefit, depending on where the creature is in relation to you:
    Creature is in line of sight: You may immediately see the creature. This sight negates all forms of invisibility. If the creature is hidden in darkness, magical or otherwise, you know exactly where the creature is for that round and may target the creature with spell effects. If the creature's Hit Dice or CR (whichever is greater) exceeds your own, the creature may make a Will save to avoid this effect. Creatures whose Hit Dice and CR are less than your character level receive no saving throw.
    Creature is on same plane: You can immediately scry (as per the spell) upon the target creature. Creatures whose Hit Dice or CR (whichever is greater) are five less than your character level receive no saving throw against this effect and have no chance to notice the scrying sensor, otherwise the scry effect works as normal. Using this power requires no special scrying device or materials, however it does cost you a minor measure of personal energy in the form of a 25 XP expenditure.
    Creature is on a different plane: You are aware that your name has been spoken, allowing you to cast a scry spell upon that creature, even though you may be entirely unfamiliar with them. Your next casting of scry upon the creature functions as though you were familiar with them. This benefit functions once per invocation of your name and its benefits are not cumulative. You must employ this benefit within one hour of the creature's utterance of your name or its effects disappear.
    A dispel magic is insufficient to disrupt this spell, however Mordenkainen's disjunction can destroy the spell effect. Spells such as nondetection may make it difficult to scry upon a creature who names you, but do not prevent you from sensing when a creature that is protected by such spells speaks your name. A mindblank spell protects a target creature from detection only if its caster level is greater than your own.
    Material Component: Costly incense and a specially prepared scroll containing names which the caster wishes to include in the spell, costing 5,000gp.
    Focus: Truename, see text.
    XP Cost: See text.