Flame Burst
Evocation  [Fire]
Level: Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target/Area/Effect: All items within a cube, 5 ft. to a side
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex negates
Spell Resistance: No
This spell causes a burst of fire to fill a 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 5 ft. area, setting on fire all flammable objects within the area of effect. Unless stopped, the flames will double in size each minute until they have consumed the entirety of the burning object(s). Once created, the flames are non-magical. A successful reflex save (standard spell DC) allows a creature to vacate the burning area before catching aflame. Creatures whose clothing or hair catch on fire suffer 1d6 points of damage that round. Each subsequent round the burning character may must make another reflex saving throw (DC 15). Failure means he takes another 1d6 points of damage that round. Success means that the fire has gone out. (That is, once he succeeds at his saving throw, he's no longer on fire.) Further information on catching on fire is available in the 3rd ed. DMG, pg. 86.
    Material Component: A pinch of ash. You must toss it in the direction of the area you wish to set aflame.