Improved Weave Sensitivity
Level: Sor/Wiz 4
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Target/Area/Effect: 10 mile radius + 10 miles/level
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
When Greater Path mages cast spells they cause disturbances in the fabric of magic, called the "Weave". With this spell you are able to detect these disturbances and learn things about what caused them. You gain knowledge of what direction and how far from you the disturbance occurred. You also learn which Spheres of Power were used, the level of the spell that caused the disturbance, and how many targets or living beings the spell affected. You must make a Spellcraft check (DC 13 + spell level detected) to learn anything more than the spell level of the disturbance you have detected, if that disturbance was obscured by the spell Malloriac's Ripple Inhibitor.