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Updates (2001)

Fixed the "Briefs" page (starting page) of the Spells area.

Added the campaign area, but I'm still working on it. Layout for most of the campaigns is done, but the content mostly needs to be moved over. There is a large amount of new content that I'll be posting, check out the Silver Platter and Traveler's Rest in the Travels with Bolas campaign.
    I also uploaded the background and navigation for the Religions area, but it's not much to read or play with.

The Spells area has been converted over to the new sight. Sorry, I haven't quite gotten the priest spell lists up just yet. But I will soon after Christmas. You might think by the date of my last update that I haven't been working on the sight, but you would be wrong. I've been rather busy coding a program to help guide visitors through the process of monster creation and I've also been doing a substancial amount of work programming the forums. I've also decided that the Culture area will no longer exist as it did in Sulerin's previous incarnation. It's content will be distributed throughout the Creatures, Lore, and Atlas areas.
    Just a reminder to myself that I need to move the contact information into the About page so I have room for a link to Search. ;) Yep - with 500+ pages, I really ought to make Sulerin's content searchable.

Began working on the discussion groups. I have the back end working, but it's gonna take a few days to get the part visitors play with working. Fixed Atlas links and menu links now highlight for the section your in.

Added a newly coded guestbook. Ported old messages over.

Added Contact, About, and Updates pages.

Got the basic functionality of the atlas area working. Higher res, yet smaller maps. Database driven. Woo.

Opened the new Sulerin URL for public access. Not officially launched, but now in production.