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Twin Shores

Twin Shores is a small town with a population of 1,100 inhabitants that exists along the southern shores of Lake Clinnon. It is so named due to its proximity to Lake Kouchet, to its east. Twin shores is an agricultural community which is fed on fish from the lake, hunting from nearby forests, and its farmlands which spread to the south side of the town. Many smaller villages to its south, east, and west send their trade goods through Twin Shores where they are put aboard a boat and shipped to other towns around Lake Clinnon, or even as far as Bluewater. It's nearest neighbors are Everson (village of 600, west by southwest 15 miles) and North Shore (village of 550, southeast 20 miles). Roads heading east lead to smaller woodcutting camps and eventually into the Nation of Greentree, the country of the Lerether elves.
    Twin Shores has a temperate climate, most agreeable to farming, and frequently rainy even in the summer due to its proximity to two large bodies of water. Warm weather tends to come out of the south and depart to the northeast while wet weather typically blows off of Lake Clinnon from the west. Winters are frequented with snow, but it is rare that it accumulates much. Summers are hot, but rarely so hot that crops are made barren, even without employment of irrigation.
    Twin Shores serves as the humble southeastern hub of the Kingdom of Arend. Taxes from neighboring towns are collected to Twin Shores before the tribute is sent north to the capital of Arend, Bluewater. In times of peace the town also has a small militia of 50 soldiers who help keep the peace on roads going to and from its gates. These soldiers are separate from the town guard which keeps the inside of Twin Shores orderly.
    The town is led by a mayor who is elected by the city elders. Each elder is a prominent citizen of the community. The current priest at the Temple of Idara, the captain of the town guard, the harbor master of map: Twin Shores the shipping docks, the head of the merchants guild, and one or two other influential residents make up the counsel. Typically, these leaders are human. In the year 12887AC these leaders are (in respective order) Father Halin, Captain Cellarson, Harbormaster Ellensman, Guildmaster Arin Mikelsby, Wizard Malik do'Bral, and Farmer Elion Septh. Master Ies Gareon, the local representative of the crown, also sits in on town meetings and can be very influencial.
    The local Temple of Idara is the center of religion in Twin Shores. Nearly every local can happily attribute to the good work done by its caretaker priests and speak of the blessing of Idara over the town. Worldly priests are puzzled by the goddess name, Idara, for it is not known to be an accepted name of any of the major gods worshiped in the Kingdom of Arend. Worldly priests believe that it is either Illustree or Arden who answers the prayers made that the Temple of Idara, but the locals will hear nothing of it, dismissing such talk as small minded.
    A gate tax of 1 silver per head and 1 silver per wheel (thus 4 silvers for a wagon of goods) is charged to merchants wishing to enter the town to do trade. Most trade is done in either the East or West Market, located in sight of either gate into the city. A sword tax of 2 gold is charged to non-citizens passing through the gates or entering through the harbor port and wishing to carry weapons into the town. Any weapons carried publicly in Twin Shores must be peace bound, excluding the local guard. Local heroes often flaunt this law. Boats are taxed by
Town Size:Small Town
GP Limit:800
Nation:Kingdom of Arend
Government:Mayor and Elder Counsel
Alignment:Lawful Good
Demographics:79% human
9% elf
5% halfling
3% dwarf
2% half-elf
their tonnage with extra taxes for special cargoes. Land taxes of one-eighth their occupants income are collected in parcels every three months with the full moon. The only coinage accepted in Twin Shores is that of the Kingdom of Arend, though other currencies can often purchase with their weight rather than face value.
    Most of Twin Shores is middle to lower class inhabitants, with the exception of its leaders. Few can say that they are entirely impoverished, as with all the trade and agricultural work to be done there is always opportunity for a job to someone in need. Morale is fairly high as the local lords are not overly harsh upon their citizenry, and Twin Shores was spared many of the atrocities suffered by the rest of the Kingdom of Arend during the Black Scourge (12859AC) and occupation by the Black Order of Zhakrin (12863AC to 12864AC). Of late (~12887AC) locals have begun to relax and worry less about invasion from the Nation of Greentree, as Emperor Varana appears to have sated his thirst of military conquest for the time being.

Temple of Idara Lady's Kirtle: spirits, inn, and brothel