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The Confederacy of Zhakar

Having only recently established itself as independent from the United Kingdoms, the Confederacy of Zhakar is still struggling with corruption and wilderness banditry. Though its neighbors to the west are hostile, the confederacy is welcomed by the independent city states of the Biengyaran Coast and the island kingdoms known as the Protectorate of Biengyar which also recently left the United Kingdoms.
    Population: human (82%), elf (8%), halfling (6%), others (4%)
    Government: Confederacy of Feudal States
    Leader: Six magistrates, elected in 5 year periods by the counsels of the six largest towns make decisions which effect the confederacy as a whole. Each city still retains wide independence over its territory, the council of magistrates act to mediate conflicts and protect the region as a whole.
    Religions: Arden (42%), Lathidus (29%), Chishleen (18%), Others (16%)
    Climate: Distinct seasons of dynamic weather marks the passing of each year. The fertile land provides well in the growing season. Storms are common throughout the early spring and winter is blanketed with several feet of snow in all regions. Autumn is long, with cool, crisp and sunny days until the first storms of winter arrive from out of the south.
    Major Cities: Zeaburg (74,000); Krakatos (11,000); Woodhelven (4500); Shady Vale (1800)
    History: Named for the city of Zhakar which refused to bend the knee to the Eastern Empire until its walls were torn down and the city burnt to the ground, the Confederacy possesses the same vicious streak of independence, newly won from the beleaguered United Kingdoms. In AC12874 (F8329) the elfin nation of Alfheim invaded the United Kingdoms to reclaim their ancestral lands which had been lost to them thousands of years in the past. The United Kingdoms, still recovering from the effects of the Black Scourge (AC12865-AC12867) in that part of the world, is unable to effectively mount a defense. Nevertheless, after nearly ten years of fighting, the elves completed their war aims and the United Kingdoms could do nothing more but admit defeat. The kingdom thence split in two began to fall apart. Leaders of cities in the eastern kingdoms resented being dragged into a war against the elves with whom they had a relatively peaceful and agreeable relationship. When the island cities left the empire after trade disputes and over taxation (AC12879) the eastern cities also left the union to remain agreeable with the newly formed Protectorate of Biengyar created by the island cities and merchant lords. Many hostile words have since been exchanged with the remaining United Kingdoms but the buffering strip of elvin lands and the Protectorate keep the newly formed confederacy well insulated against United Kingdom aggression.