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Ahnkor Harrinton

Neutral Good Male Aasimar Human
Level 7 Paladin of Arden
Level 3 Sword of Righteousness
Level 2 Risen Martyr

Str 14   Dex 12   Con -   Int 10   Wis 14   Cha 23   Hit Points: 101

Status: Dead

Age 30, height of 5'10", weight of 167 lb., violet eyes with flecks of gold, black hair with metallic highlights, bronze skin with a metallic sheen.
    Ahnkor believes in a personal code of ethics and honor. In terms of alignment he is neutral good. He believes social strucure is a necessity, but that good leaders will lead through example. His code of honor is as follows: honesty whenever possible, generosity, unswerving service to oneís cause, mercy to all, healling to all who need it.
    Ahnkor seems a cold, slightly distant individual at first. He is always in command of himself, until he is around children or the sick where he shows great compassion. He often chews on a root or straw. He gradually opens up to those who remain close to him.
    Ahnkor's goals are to help the children of Hana by providing them the best support possible. He means to do this by building charitable hospices and generally stabilizing the areas that he works in. he hopes that by keeping the poors health and spirits up that they can improve their lot in life.

12863Mother flees destruction of family demesne to Tel-Akbar, seven months later Ahnkor is born.
12866Mother moves to Carengrave as the family bard to the Rajmahareyit House.
12872Ahnkor begins training with the sonís of the house guard. His mother explains why he is so different from the other children. She teaches him family history and explains why I was taught how to speak the Celestial language.
12876Fever strikes our household. The family recovers but Ahnkor is struck blind. This period leaves him morose and disenchanted with life.
12877Ahnkor meets Shalkan Famich who helps him recover fully from the illness and also to recover his faith in life. She begins to teach him herbalism and healing. This is when he decides that he will make healing his lifeís work, so that no other child will suffer as he did.
12882Mother and others earn enough to have Ahnkorís eyes restored. He returns to weapons training with a new mission. He realizes that healing only the hurts of the body will not truly help. He must also provide for the health of the community so that illness does not occur as often and the ill and injured can be properly cared for.
12886Ahnkor feels the call to serve Arden. he takes leave of his mother and the Rajmahareyit family and leaves to begin his mission work with the church in Hana.

Having heroically defeated many of its evil minions, Ahnkor was unfortunately slain while bravely doing battle against the red dragon Valingaer.