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Forums: Development

Started on November 29th, 2005 at 0:49PM CST by Sulerin
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I'll be posting information regarding new forum developments here, those which are not related to the To-Do list or other topics.

Today, the front page of the forums was updated to include more information about the contents of that forum, such as how many posts and topics have been placed to that forum, who the most recent post to the forum was by and when it was made, and a link to the most recent post (that's what the little arrow is for).
        Gecko/Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox browsers will now see the row highlighting that IE and Opera users have been enjoying when viewing long lists of post titles, the member roster, and so forth.
        Speaking of the Member Roster, I've added a "Last Seen" column to it. Also, you can now sort the roster by Member, Type, or Last Seen. Just click on the header for that column. The default sort is by Type and then by Member, which you can return to by selecting the Type column.
        Also, validation for new posts was added to that operation and a variety of other, less noteworthy changes.