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Forum Member Ratings
Started on November 29th, 2005 at 0:59PM CST by Sulerin
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I've gotten a few email inquiries about member ratings. I'd just like to remind people that I do regularly check the forums for new posts, so feel free to leave me a message here where other people can comment.

Member ratings are a quantitative way for forum staff to gauge participation of forum members. Future staff opportunities, such as general moderators, will probably use these numbers as one of several factors which describe the quality of a forum member. Member ratings are calculated with a variety of considerations, some of which are as follows: the volume of posts the member has contributed, the volume of posts the member has generated from other members, how often the member visits the forums, how long it has been since the last time the member visited the forums (ratings slowly when you are away from the forums for long periods of time, days and weeks), how many members are watching and/or ignoring your activity, how often your posts are bookmarked by other members, and a variety of other factors.

Questions about member ratings or any other aspect of the forums are welcome.