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A'adarshinii u'Azzaah

Neutral Evil Female Human
Level 5 Cleric of Mok Thuum

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Though A'adarshinii is merely the head cook of the House Azzaah, she is a priestess of significant standing among the cult of Mok-Thuum. Her status among the third rank gives her some insight into what interests the cult has at Castle Kafaa Raavar on the Vofoti River, in Hana. She is a pretty thing, slender bodied, with beguiling eyes and delicate hands.
    Virtue Sin Love: A'adarshinii was captured at the second assault upon the ruins of Kafaa Raavar and kept as a prisoner at the Rus clan skarn compound in Puryat Dubala, Hana. Once all that was to be known of the cultists had been learned from her, she was swiftly executed.