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Virtue Sin Love

In the vast city of Hana commerce is king, and its powerful merchant princes endlessly vie in subtle warfare against each other for wealth and power. In its colorful tent lined streets the masses live surrounded by mortality and vice, their lives shaped by Hana's lawlessness and by the movements of the princes. Occult and superstition are as rampant as poverty, and a thousand small gods have arisen to capture the minds of those who will listen. In this sea of chaos, commerce, and mortality, can four adventurers rise as champions of good virtue, stand free of the sin that surrounds them, and in the midst of the city's dangers still find romance?
    This is our current and ongoing campaign. It explores a variety of social themes and complexities within the context of the city of Hana, a sub-tropical and teeming and dirty metropolis which has no law, yet is ruled by princes of wealth and commerce.

Campaign Members

    Ahnkor Harrinton (Dead)
    Jor Scarblood (Dead)
    Rachek (Dead)
    Vorlance Rus (Dead)
    Wind (Dead)

    Anjuli (Retired)
    Inktume (Retired)
    Kukalmak (Retired)
    Maximilian Edridge (Retired)
    Walks the Walls (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.

Anno, Beneath the Influence of Madrasheen

This short piece illustrates one arm of Madrasheen's plans against the adventurers of the Four Pillars. Madrasheen, a powerful vampiress and leader of the Cult of Niosha, has been spying upon the party and discovery of this action spurred the party to resume their conflict against her, eventually culminating in her destruction. This event was the catalyst that set off those later events.

Campaign Excerpt: Assault on the Palace of Adadsi.

Previous to this scene, the heroes had battled their way up through the catacombs of the sepif on which Prince Adadsi's palace had been built and invaded the basement and dungeon halls of the palace. There they encountered the Red Witch, who they barely defeated in a most terrible battle. Leaving the palace by way of above ground, the heroes called together many of their allies and planned an assault upon the place for the coming dawn and to put an end to Adadsi's evil blight on the city of Hana. This scene covers the first half of the assault, leading up to just before its conclusion in the private quarters of the merchant prince.

Campaign Excerpt: Entering the Lair of Madrasheen

Having destroyed the lesser Temple of Niosha and rescued Ahnkor's corpse, the Cult of Niosha retaliated in kind and destroyed one of the temples of Arden on the Isle of Sepras. Seeking vengeance and to end the rapacious cults activities, the heroes sought out the hidden lair of Madrasheen, leader of the cult. Here, they divine the lair of the vampire cult and enter within; newly emboldened by Ahnkor's miraculous resurrection as a risen martyr.

Campaign Excerpt: Information gained from Yneufael

Following the battle against Valingaer, the shadow dragon called Yneufael coalesced its spirit into the shape of a dragon from many dozens of Sages of Greed. Here then are details of this encounter and what was imparted to the heroes.

Campaign Excerpt: The Defeat of Lashatha

This excerpt covers the end of the battle against cultists and minions of the Tsochar which took place in caves underground, beneath a derelict house in the Pizratri district of Hana. There they had found a temple and nesting pools of the Tsochar.

Diary Entries of Teoman

This diary was retrieved for Ahnkor by Kalila, a member of the Rohinish. Though most of the diary chronicles the daily life of Teoman, a hedge wizard, several entries within offer rare documentation on the Tsochari race.

Hana, 12898AC

Month by month, this brief document provides an outline of public events and rumors in Hana which preceded up to the climactic conclusion of the Virtue Sin Love campaign. Most of these events are in regards to the actions of the parties adversaries, the Tsochari, the Saruswathi, and the Cult of the Third Moon as they prepared for open fighting in the streets of Hana, but they are set against the backdrop of the first events that heralded the awakening of dragons through-out Sulerin. In a way, it was these latter events which would influence the next brief and succeeding major campaigns. The year is 12898 After Chaos.

Last Words of Rune Vati

These are the last words of Rune Vati, a paladin of Arden who was the last of his adventuring party to perish in a failed attempt to destroy a lich called Erin.

Letter from Bishop Parakesh to Priestess Inika

This is the letter received by High Priestess of Arden Inika Tripoteri, in Hana, from Bishop Thanot Parakesh, regarding troubles in the village of Parou where the priest Hadit Briushprita had gone missing.

Letters to Kafiq from the Lords of Numidium

These three letters were recovered from among the possessions of the wizard called Kafiq an Fissat. They hint at the nature of Kafiq's vile research and the goals of the Lords of Numidium.

Lord Kishanu's Story

This piece set the scene for Lord Kishanu's (aka Ekevir) monologue, revealing his past, his relationship to Ahnkor, what motives brought him to Hana, and some important clues regarding the origins of the Tsochar.

Lore of Ancient Numidium

A brief overview on the origins, rise and fall of the ancient civilization known as Numidium.

Path of Yodha

Detailing the beginnings of the Path of Yodha, a group of scholarly warriors of good who seek to safeguard the secrets of "materia," a substance that they think to be the essence of divinity and the root of all things.

Portants of Kivsatra Seen in the Visionary Shield

This vision was witnessed within the waters of the magical Visionary Shield kept by Ahnkor when they asked after the fate of Kivsatra.

Secrets of the Saruswathi

This short piece discusses the apex of the wizard Hesdeus' power, how it was used to imprison alien creatures called the Saruswathi, and the relationship between the Saruswathi and the vile Tsochar. It sets the stage for a battle between three powerful forces, which the heroes of the Four Pillars became deeply caught within.

Test of the Shadowed Path

This text is taken from the ritual of passage which a student of the monastic martial school of the Shadowed Path must overcome to attain the title of Teacher.

The Prison of Niosha

This fortress was the center of power for a vampire cult dedicated to the fallen goddess called Niosha, who was cast from the heavens for her predilections upon other young gods. Entrapped nearby is the remnant of one of her deity lovers who also fell from grace, Ravadin, set to guard the tomb. Since the arrival of Madrasheen, a powerful devotee of Niosha, the power of Ravadin has diminished even further to barely a whisper.

Tsochari Defamation of the Church of Arden

Towards the end of the campaign, its principle antagonists, the Tsochar, were becoming bolder and bolder. So many of their nests had gone undiscovered that their numbers had greatly increased, allowing them to begin to take brazen steps against forces that would align against them if given a chance. This short piece illustrates their methods and intentions.