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Captain Abya u'Ioti

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 5 Fighter
Level 2 Warrior of Light

Str 17   Dex 14   Con 15   Int 12   Wis 13   Cha 12   Hit Points: 57

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Though a foreigner, Abya easily blends in with the locals of Hana. His skin is deeply tanned and like most locals his hair is extremely curly; he wears it with a severe cut and tall on top. His curly, black beard makes his dark face look long and cause his twinkling green eyes.
    Abya is a friendly man, dedicated to doing good deeds for people whose lives have been less fortunate than him. He employs his skills as a warrior to defend the weak and to combat the influence of evil. Though he is something of an ideologue of law and intervention, Abya has found his place in the chaos of Hana by joining arms with the non-denominational holy order, the Strong of Anshur.
    Abya wears a leather skirt, leg-guards, and a light breastplate when pursuing the work of the Strong of Anshur. At his side he keeps a short and broad-bladed sword (a Ravelen steel gladius of speed +2) and a bronze colored steel round shield on his back. Abya casually associates with worshipers of Arden and he can sometimes be found at the High Temple of Arden in the Shinveta District of Hana.