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Sir Aelflin Bayard

Neutral Good Male Lerether Elf
Level 12 Fighter
Level 5 Ranger

Str 17   Dex 15   Con 17   Int 12   Wis 13   Cha 16   Hit Points: 153

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

A hero of the Nation of Greentree. Sir Bayard earned his knighthood by defending the nation against the trolls that dwell within the Pelnarik Mountains and nearby Ingari Hills. Born to a lesser noble family, Bayard has exercised his right to tournament to display his great skill at horsemanship and horse-back combat. During one such tourney, he so impressed Queen Turramen that she bid then-champion, Sir Vasos to try his sword skills against him before the elfin courts. Their skills proved very equal and Sir Bayard humbly resigned from the combat so that Sir Vasos honor would not be defamed. Impressed with this display of character, the elfin queen offered him land rights, which since he was a second son he did not already possess, but again he declined and chose a life in service to the noble Lord Gilthanus of the Citadel of Light, a western province of Greentree.
    Lord Gilthanus was also impressed by Bayard's skills and after showing himself to be an able steward in command of a company of soldiers, Lord Gilthanus elevated him to baronet over his holdings in Canaan. In AC12871 his holdings were overthrown through the treachery of Xavier Leonidus, who had sided with Sherian Khan and used secret underground passages to enter the walls of the city. With Sir Sethenin's assistance, and at the command of Lord Gilthanus, Bayard helped to retake the city. Since it was the uplicious treachery of Xavier that had allowed the city to fall, Lord Gilthanus held no fault against Sir Bayard for the event and restored him to his position.
Sir Bayard is 277 years old (AC12885), stands roughly five-feet and eight-inches tall, has unruly brown and curly hair, and green eyes. He is a man of stern disposition and he is known to be a good and fair leader. His main interest is military matters, though for fun there is nothing that quite takes the place of hunting down trolls in the depths of the mountains. He is a well-traveled explorer, though these days his duties keep him too busy to travel as far as he once did. Sir Bayard, like Lord Gilthanus, is a secret sympathizer to the deposed imperial Turramen family.