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True Neutral Male Stone Giant

Str 27   Dex 15   Con 19   Int 10   Wis 10   Cha 11   Hit Points: 119

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Angorod, like most stone giants, has skin the color of mottled granite and gray marble. He stands slightly over 12 feet tall. When the party found him, he was sitting in the woods with tears of crystal on his face, lamenting that his two brothers had left to join the orcish invaders and wreck evil upon the lowland. That soon, his brothers would be bringing a host of orcs to Ravensclaw.
    Angorod pursueded the party to take him to Ravensclaw where they could warn the towns inhabitants of the oncoming attack. The warning was received in time and with the help of the Cleansing Flame's leadership, the town was saved and the attackers were routed.