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Cleansing Flame

Now in its third year of adventuring, the Company of the Cleansing Flame campaign was originally a solo campaign with only the character known as Therod, a ranger. Later, Tadhg, a paladin of Lathidus joined in on the adventure. Then, finally, Brome, now a powerful fighter-mage. Other characters have passed through this campaign as well, but these three have stayed.
    The Cleansing Flame is based just outside the city of Mendenton, though its adventures have spanned throughout the Crescent mountains to as far east as Karthay and have passed through many strange dimensions, such as the Fae Realms.
    Defending the lands against the tide of orcish armies, laying low evil sorcerers and demons, exploring the depths of the underworld, rooting out despicable priests, and championing the forces of good, the Cleansing Flame's leadership has gained great experience and continues to grow in power.
    Within you will find a collection of journal entries by Therod Karynson, an essay on Corruption and the Duty of Faith by Tadhg von Artigbrauer, and also a collection of histories and details of the various player-characters of the campaign.

Campaign Members

    Gram Dedecus (Dead)
    Olwyn ap Juntho (Dead)

    Brome (Retired)
    Tadhg von Artigbrauer (Retired)
    Therod Karynson (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.

The Cleansing Flame Website

Brome, resident wizard and accomplished warrior, maintains the Cleansing Flame website. Within are the a chart of the company's member hierarchy, a chronology of the groups exploits, and several other interesting tidbits.

Divinations of Belshega

This information was divined by Belshega, the serpent witch, in return for the part the party played in returning to her the White Wyrm Crystal, her scrying orb, which had been stolen by the giant Frostgrinder.

Haunted Dwarven Ruins

What evil came to these ruins, slaying the dwarven warriors that dwelt within, and is that evil still lingering there?

How Brome Got His Soul Back

This a the story of what lengths a groups of friends might go through to help one of their own in times of terrible need. As told by Tadhg con Artigbrauer to Elena, daughter of Tellzan Amberson, this is the story of how Brome got his soul back.

Journals of Therod Karynson - Part I of II

Read within the many adventures of the ranger Therod Karynson. These early stories of his detail his travels in the very beginning of his adventuring career, spanning several months of his travels. This is the first of two journals taken by Therod.

Journals of Therod Karynson - Part II of II

Read the continuing adventures of the ranger Therod Karynson in this second of two journals he kept. These early stories of his detail his travels in the very beginning of his adventuring career, spanning several months of his travels.

Journey to the Surface

Before his adventuring days in the Cleansing Flame, Brome dwelt beneath the surface among his people, the Drakher. Here is the story of how he came to the surface.

Last Journals of Amarla do Islret

These are the final words of Amarla, of clan Islret, detailing her journey to the surface in search of her brother, Brome.

Letter from Tadhg von Atrigbrauer to His Kinsmen

During the invasion of the orcish hordes throughout the lower Crescent Mountain valleys, Tadhg and his companions provided dearly needed help to stall the tide of war. This letter was written by Tadhg, calling upon his kinsmen to help salvage the region from orcish dominion.

Letter from Tadhg von Atrigbrauer to the Church of Lathidus

This letter was written as a request for assistance when the evil presence of Halat-Shar in the city of Mendenton became apparent.

Monologue of Azrim Talm and the Curse Upon Mendenton

This encounter was run as Therod, Tadhg, and Brome were returning to Mendenton after being away for several months treking through mountains. Azrim Talm is one of the city leaders of Mendenton, but the city has fallen under a mysterious curse, it's people disappeared evil creatures lurking in the shadows of buildings.

Of Black Crows and Curses

These are the journals of Brome Islret. Upon returning from adventures in the Cruth Mountains, Brome and his companions discovered that a terrible curse had arrived at their home town of Mendenton.

On Corruption and Duty of Faith

How can one tell the corrupt from pure? Can one clearly distinguish between good and evil? Tadhg von Artigbrauer tackles these questions and talks about lessons he's learned while adventuring.

Riddle of King Horrownon, the Andal

Scribed upon a copper plate and set within a floor of ice in a small templee located high in the Cruth Mountains, this riddle hints at treasure to be gained should it's prophecy be fulfilled.

Tale of the Faerie Realm of Twilight

Here is the story of how Tadhg, Brome, Therod, and Henonon entered into the Fairy realms in search of wisdom from the Eternal Court. Not knowing where they would arrive in the fey world, they braved many dangers before arriving at their destination. Read on for a tale of their travels through the Lands of Twilight.

Tale of the Fall of Stronbauden

This is the story of Stronbauden, as told by Tadhg von Artigbrauer to Al-Rathis, where ancient Urdunan succumbed to madness as infernal spirits invaded their clan halls beneath the earth.