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Prince Anisha Prassana

True Neutral Female Human
Level 10 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A well reputed minor merchant prince who lives in the Shinveta complex of Hana. Anisha Prassana is a quiet supporter of the Shadowed Path monk monestary. Prince Prassana is a native of the Hanoi Peninsula, a minor member of the Spice Cartel, and the owner of a small shipping fleet. The colors of House Prassana are vermillion with a gold edge. House Prassana is located in the Shinveta sepif complex of Hana.
    Anisha is a long, black haired woman of great beauty and grace, though not unearthly beautiful as other merchant princes have used magic to become. Anisha was the sole progeny of her wealthy father and thus inherited her family fortune in entirety. She was trained by the best of courtly diplomats, but she also spent several years training in martial disciplines at the Monastery of the Shadowed Path. She prizes hospitality and honesty. It is a little known fact that House Prassana is involved in many compassionate causes.