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Fellow Anshuman

Lawful Neutral Male Aarakocra
Level 10 Wizard
Level 4 Geometer

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Anshuman is advanced in age for an Aarakocra. His feathers have silvered and his face has wrinkled into a permanent scowl, though his temprement is kindly, balanced and he rarely rises to passioned emotions. He is a regal creature, well postured, academic through and through, and well ensconced in his position of Proloriate, unafraid to speak his mind as he sees fit to.
    Anshuman rarely ever leaves the Gray Cabal grounds, spending most of his time in his private residence and tending to the oversight of the Associates that he sponsors. He is the sponsor of Kukalmak. Anshuman is intensely interested in Geomancy, the study of ley lines and magical nexuses, and how designs in the skein of magic can bring forth unique and powerful effects.