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True Neutral Female Galiadre Elf
Level 7 Cleric of Ly'ya (Illustree)
Level 10 Contemplative
Level 3 Psion

Str 9   Dex 14   Con 12   Int 19   Wis 26   Cha 20   Hit Points: 102

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Arinilu (prn: Are in eye loo) is an ancient woman, even by elfin standards. Owing to her connection to her deity and her extensive time spent in the Faerie Realms, she has lived nearly fourty-three centuries (AC12885). Raised in a monestary, deep in the Arnorian Valleys she was appointed as an Initiate in the Order of the Goddess and after showing promise was raised to the status of Priestess. After serving in this position for nearly two hundred years, her talents as an orator, negotiator, and wisdom led her to appointment upon the Council of Elders and later she ascended to the highest position in the Order, that of the Great Mother.
    Her time as the Great Mother was not without challenge however as minions of Cynder slowly grew in power, culminating in AC8800 with the second major assault on the Order by the Lord of Destruction. Demonic powers slipped into the stronghold of the Order and remained there, causing chaos for several years that followed. It was during this time that Arinilu began to receive strange visions of the future and insights into the thoughts of those around her. When the Council of Elders learned of these powers they were baffled for no recording of such powers occuring naturally had been recorded. Ambitious Elders began to circulate rumors that she had taken a demon consort and this, combined with events caused by actual demons that caused assassinations and chaos within the Order, led to her departing from the position of Great Mother.
    Beginning a life of self-exile she traveled east and into the ancient lands of Canaan, known by this time as the fledging Kingdom of Arend and the Elfin Nation of Greentree. In the following years she would be instrumental in the saving of thousands of Galiadre from murderous Lerether persecution (AC9140 to AC9165), the containment of the Corruption of Saul (AC9353), and the warding of the abandoned Temple of Passion (AC9722). It was also during this time that she worked with the Druids of the Green, an ancient druidic order, earned their trust, and discovered the paths between the Faerie Realms and our own. Traveling into the Faerie Realms, she learned to control her strange talents and finally came to peace with her past and the Galiadre.
    Arinilu now spends most of her time in the Faerie Realms, but teaches a select few seekers and educates them on the insights she has acquired during her lengthy lifetime. It is said that one can still gain her attention if one wanders through the southern edges of the Nation of Greentree, somewhere in the forests south of Vasos Keep.