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Efir of the Holy Word Ayishahi

Lawful Good Female Word Archon

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

To most, Ayishahi appears as a bronzy skinned mortal human with lithe muscles, a beautiful demeanor, unflinching eyes of light blue, and thick golden hair that falls to her shoulders. To those gifted with the blood of Celestials, Ayishahi reveals her true word archon form: a radiant angel with unblemished flesh of bronze, flowing hair that is endlessly teased by an unseen wind, unblinking eyes of liquid white, and wide white wings of a thousand fluttering sheets of paper each inscribed with holy sigils.
    Ayishahi has served at the High Temple of Arden in Hana for many decades, but very few know of her reason for being there and guarding the library vault of the Temple. Whatever her true reasons, Ayishahi loyally maintains her post without cease, challenging all who wish to pass.
    Ayishahi wears a golden breastplate +3 and carries a brilliant flaming bastard sword +1.