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Prince Balsaedezen

Chaotic Evil Demon

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

A powerful demon whose minions are known to affiliate themselves with terrorist factions of Ashmen. His home is a vast green steel pyramid with a large pavilion out front.
    Balsaedezen is the main resistance against the proliferation of Farsight. His minions have been working against the Hunter's Guild, the Prognasticators, the Black Templars, and the Hadrim to quash the existence of this dangerous flavor of the drug. To achieve this goal he assigned several demons to investigate the proliferation of the drug - Nithurzan, Braoc, and Zalafid.
    Balsaedezen dwells in a vast pyramid whose outside is plated with a green colored metal. Beneath it labor several thousand imprisoned souls that dig ever further into the earth to satisfy their lords need for heat, flame, and torment.