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True Neutral Female Human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

Carena is the slight and small child prophetess foretold by the Prognosticator's Guild of Sinordin. She is treasured by the Ashmen, who believe that she will raise their status in the world from outcasts to accepted. Many other guilds are interested in her too, including the Black Templars, who believe that her mating with Osorus will bring about the birth of the Holy Child and thus bring about events which return the Templars to their former place in society before they were crushed by the Tentacled Lord. The Prognosticators are interested in her for her tremendous potential as a seer and future-sight gift.
    Carena is believed to be held by the Hunter's Guild - enemies of the Black Templars. They captured her in a raid when she was brought to Sinordin from the Desert of Ash and Glass by the Ashmen.