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True Neutral Male Half-elf
Level 5 Rogue

Str 12   Dex 17   Con 11   Int 14   Wis 5   Cha 10   Hit Points: 23

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Corlag is a lean henchman of Kalier Gol. After a particularly dangerous mission on his masters behalf he was driven insane by mind affecting magics and persuaded to attack Kalier. His memory of the events that drove him insane are sketchy at best.
    Ashes of Arend: Corlag was chased over the city rooftops by the druid Sasha and was captured after he slipped after a precarious jump that he didn't quite make, causing him to plunge to the ground and his injuries rending him unconscious. When he recovered he recalled little more than a beautiful naked woman with black hair, though he could recall her only from the waist up, and he remembered his team of mercenaries who had come under attack by bugbears while executing an investigation on behalf of his master. He was sent to a temple of Arden to cure the malady that clouded his mind and his injuries from the fall.