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Master Dahl Rajiif

True Neutral Male Human
Level 8 Wizard

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A wizard retainer of House Prassana in the city of Hana.
    Dahl is slender, athletic, tan-skinned, clean-shaven and straight-black haired. He is not a native of Hana, born originally in Abnasia. Originally Dahl was procured as a slave whose debt had been bought by House Prassana. In that time he was a wizard of meager power. Once he had paid off his debt, House Prassana offered him patronage and Dahl swore an oath of fealty.
    Dahl is proud of his magical skills and his independence in his studies. He is not part of any arcane guild and he believes that he is happier because of this. Dahl is experienced and comfortable when dealing with conflict situations; he possesses a natural understanding of tactics.