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Baron Damon Chandris

Lawful Evil Male Half-Silothreni Human
Level 17 Fighter

Str 25   Dex 16   Con 17   Int 11   Wis 15   Cha 8

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge

Sired as the bastard son of a banished Silothreni warrior-priest and a human woman. He was taken at birth from the womb and spirited away to the distant, steaming city of Hana. There, in the shadowy jungle streets and in the among the ancient ruins he became the ruthless man that he is now.
    At the age of fifteen he was raked into service aboard a pirate vessel and sent across the Gulf of Biengyar. Though at first he was but a forced serviceman, he quickly became an integral part of the crew when they realized that he wanted to be there, pirating the seas. During these raids his boyish fighting skills became those of a lifelong brawler.
    It was not to be forever though, as the ship he worked upon was one day cast upon the rocky cliff sides of the Golden Coast. Much of the crew did not survive, including the captain. Impoverished and lacking the skills to craft their own vessel, Chandris turned the pirates into a rogue mercenary group which plundered villages along that lawless coastline. Their hideaway was within one of the many sea caves along the shore.
    Chandris had heard the tales of the wealth found on the beaches for which the Golden Coast was named. He had also heard the legends of Mor Osurrus, the dread immortal lich-lord which was said to dwell deep underground and possess great stockpiles of treasure. The stories fascinated him, though they were but legend, and he spent a great deal of time searching the sea caves for the treasures said to be hidden there. When he returned along from one such expedition, the other ten men who had gone with him said to be slain by great monsters, he wore a beautiful set green full plate and a sword which could steal the soul of a man.
    With these great weapons in hand, Chandris became a scourge of the trade ways along the coast. Such was his reputation that travelers began to call him the "Green Warrior." This went on for some time until one day his band of mercenaries raided the encampment of an Amif called Solokos Petrnos, a powerful merchant-lord who came from Chandris' homeland of Hana. Solokos was also a skilled warrior, trained by the undead lords of the Daul Swamp. Chandris had never seen such swordsmanship among the pirates and mercenaries that he had traveled with. Defeated and at the mercy of Solokos, Chandris then knew that it was more than weapons and armor that one needed to survive. Solokos was an honorable lord though and he saw great potential in the bastard warrior. Solokos offered to give Chandris his life and train him in the way of the sword. In return, Chandris would return with him to Hana, swear fealty, and serve in Solokos' household.
    Chandris agreed and for twenty years he dwelt at the Palace of Petrnos, training and rising among the ranks of his lords household. It was not an easy twenty years. The Amif's (merchant lords) of Hana constantly vie against each other and Chandris vigilantly defeated many would-be assassins and attacks upon Solokos and his household, growing in fame and stature as the captain of Solokos' palace guard. In the end, it would not be enough. While Chandris was away to look into some trouble at one of the Amif's gold mines, elemental assassins entered the palace and slew Solokos and many of his concubines while he relaxed in the domicile of his harem. When Chandris returned to the house in ruin, he began a terrifying campaign to discover the source of the assassins, which led to the downfall of two other Amif.
    Without a lord, Chandris briefly worked as a sword for hire while he pursued his vengeance. However, when his revenge was complete he found he became bitter and aimless. He traveled into the Daul swamps and sought out the undead masters who had trained Solokos, but he only found many deadly dangers. For a time he traveled through-out the south. He saw the shining domes of Abnasia, lived among the Sheynar nomads, bested giants north of the Grimmerhore Mountain, and wandered through the western most edges of the United Kingdoms.
    When the time called the Black Scourge came to pass (AC12859) Chandris was once again in his birth land, Hana, where his sword and willingness to take any contract brought him great wealth. While fulfilling on of these contracts he encountered another assassin, Garben Gilthanus. In the house of the Amif he was there to slay, Garben fulfilled his contract only moments before Chandris arrived. The two assassins only had a brief moment to look at each other in surprise before alarm was announced through the palace. Garben escaped into shadow and then watched from a distance as the Green Warrior escaped from the estate, witnessing the great skill with which Chandris dispatched of elite household guards. Impressed by what he saw, Garben decided to make an offer to the strange warrior who wore green.
    Chandris claimed he would never serve another and he spurned the first two offers made by Garben and loudly swore that he would slay the assassin for stealing his contract, but Garben would not be easily put off. He assembled a team of crack warriors and in a brief, but mighty battle he captured Chandris.
    Garben spirited the warrior away to the far, far north, where Garben was better known as Lord Gilthanus, an elfin lord that was married to royalty and who possessed powerful land holdings. At first, Chandris despised Garben, but slowly he came to see the noble and daring life that the elfin lord carefully lived. By day, Garben was Lord of his lands, but by night he was a lord on a powerful counsel of thieves in lands more familiar to Chandris. Even Chandris had to respect the massive power that Garben had at his disposal, and in the end he agreed to travel with the elfin lord. The two quickly became a common sight together and on more than one occasion they adventured far and did daring, glorious deeds in far and foreign lands. Chandris came to enjoy these exotic travels and being a privileged insider to the machinations of Lord Gilthanus. Garben dealt fairly with the warrior, allowing him to earn his trust and station. In time, Chandris was appointed Baron over Caer-Nabon and a great keep was built to guard his holdings. When civil war overtook the nation of Greentree, Chandris bravely defended the lands of Lord Gilthanus from invasion on numerous occasions.
    To this day (AC12887) Chandris continues to serve Lord Gilthanus. He can be a brutal tyrant to those who break his or Garben's laws, but he is tempered by his great respect for Garben, whom he is extremely loyal to. Chandris is still known as the Green Warrior, but now he is also known as Baron Chandris of Caer-Nabon. He keeps his mixed Silothreni-human heritage hidden with magic. Chandris still travels on adventures alongside Garben, but not so much as he did in olden days.