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The United Kingdoms

map: The United Kingdoms

An empire of independent kingdoms which are bound together by centuries of trade agreements, mutual military protection, and the intermingling of each kingdoms peoples and traditions. It is a expansive collection of varied customs and cultures bound together under a single banner. The United Kingdoms covers lands west from the Parnor Forest, east to the River Ethengar which empties into the Gulf of Biengyar, North into the platinum rich Desert of Yalrum and the mines of Newron, and South to Culhaven and the shores of Biengyar. It's population thrives on a wealth of international and internal trade which flows down its many rivers to travel throughout the southern lands to the Gulf of Biengyar. Its many exports are welcomed from the Eastern Empire to the Westering Kingdoms. Rich in timber, mineral wealth, and manufactured goods, it is truely the Gem of the South, and its people are proud of it.
    The United Kingdoms is made up of more then a dozen distinct kingdoms, each has its own leadership, standing army, and cultural wealth. The binding kingdom to which the others give fealty is that of Valorian, where the palace of the Overlord of the United Kingdoms is located.
    Woodhevon was one of the largest of the kingdoms until recently when the Galiadre of Alfheim invaded to reclaim their hereditary lands. As a result, the cities of Bhazzan and Soderfjord are now little more than ruin and the city of Grey is swollen with displaced countrymen. Having lost half of its lands and most of its lush sylvan forests, Woodheven Kingdom is no longer the leader of the United Kingdom's timber exports. Most of its exports are now from the mineral mines near Revelstone and Aksohi. A plentitude of small fishing villages dot the shores of Woodheven. Though beleagured by years of warfare, the people of Woodheven are bright about their future and remain industrious and hard working. Woodheven is ruled by King Atratos IV.
    Selenea is a kingdom of deep woodlands, said by some to be haunted by the spirits of fickle fey that in ancient days ruled these lands. This popular belief has led Seleneans to keep their cities close to the Gulf of Biengyar and away from the hills and forests filled with forgotten temple ruins of the small folk. Selenea is the capital with a population of nearly 60,000 and is followed closely by the high walled city of Darken (pop. 48,000). Darken handles exports that travel down the river from Korand, a city in the Kingdom of Torholn while Selenea remains a popular port for traffic throughout the northern parts of the gulf. Selenea is also known for its numerous magic guilds where the fey-touched and natural born magician of the kingdom gather and exchange their arcane knowledge. Selenea is ruled by a mageocracy, leaders who are elected by the nine most powerful magic guilds of the kingdom.
    Torholn Kingdom is filled with cattle, sheep, and other herds of animals. Its shepherds wander the lands between the Darken River to the east and the River Kelvin to the west. Tyreis is an enormous port on its gulf shore, sporting a population of over 110,000 inhabitants. Torholn is also home to many fertile farmlands and produces nearly one-third of the food exports for the entire United Kingdoms. Many merchants from the Emmerites of Alasyia, the Kingdom of Glantruse, and the Nation of Yew pass through Torholn with trade bound for the Gulf of Biengyar. Torholn is one of the most populous and wealthiest of the kingdoms. Despite war in its own lands during the time of the Black Scourge and attacks on its neighbors by Alfheim, Torholn remains prosperous and has quickly recovered from its economic turmoil. Torholn is ruled as a republic with a parliment composed of representatives from each of the kingdoms great cities.
    Black Barony, though a tiny kingdom, is worthy of notice for its history. A variety of tyrants have ruled there for as long as human memory persists. In 11587AC Black Barony briefly overthrew the ruling imperial family before bowing to pressure from neighboring kingdoms to retreat. In the process of its attack the Valorian Library, a precious center of knowledge, was burnt to the ground, destroying much of the historical records of the United Kingdoms. Despite troubles caused by the Barony, its warriors are legendary and dominate the Arms Arcadia of War in Valorian. Numbered among the heros that sealed the Dark Warrens of Ilerth in 10858 were several warriors from Black Barony. Most of the Barony's exports come from its mines, deep pits into the earth inhabited by many of the United Kingdoms worst criminals and a convienant forgetting place for unpopular or troublsome political dissidents. Black Barony is ruled as a dictatorship.
    Emmerites of Alasyia, whose capital city is Yalrum (pop 68,500), is a kingdom where the wealthy are rich beyond wildest dream and where the poor are in swelling abundence. Yalrum is a principle exporter of precious metals - namely platinum. Each emmerite is a miniature dictatorship led by a wealthy merchant. The most powerful of these merchants exercise control over their lessers and decide policy for the kingdom. The people of Alasyia are reserved, supersticious of the fates, and suspicious of outsiders. Many remark that the streets of Yalrum are much like the streets of Hana, except for the lack of rain.
    Glantruse is a kingdom shared by humans and dwarves. The Kingdom of Glantruse operates rather seperately from the United Kingdoms and rarely involves itself with the problems of the other kingdoms. It's lands are sparsely populated hills and mountains with scattered thorps and homlettes dotting the countryside. Kept sharp by endless years of dealing with the roving bands of evil demihumanoids that populate the kingdom's northern wilderness, Glantruse produces an extrordinary number of adventurous, talented, and unique individuals. Ask any dwarf of Glantruse to whom they owe fealty and nearly any one will answer that they are proud to be part of the dwarven kingdom of Deep Home.
    Valorian is the largest of the United Kingdoms and the most populated. Its population is mostly concentrated along the shores of the Gulf of Biengyar, along its rivers, and behind the city walls of its great cities - Valorian (pop 54,000), Minoc (pop 167,000), Tersville (pop 45,000), Manes (pop 37,500), and a plentitude of smaller towns and cities. Valorian is the center of the United Kingdoms; it is the seat of power, where the blood of Valoria, the imperial family, and the symbolic figurehead of the Kingdoms resides. Valorian is ruled by a variety of ministry positions which are elected by landholders. The ministers who fill these positions enjoy wide judicious freedom in the exercise of their power though they are ultimately responsible to the Overlord. Valorian is one of the oldest realms of all the United Kingdoms.
    Population: human (84%), dwarf (8%), elf (4%) half-elf (2%), others (2%)
    Government: Feudal empire of various governments
    Leader: Overlord August Chamendrion, "The Bitter"
    Religions: Arden (40%) Chishleen (26%), Lathidus (18%), Duradon (8%), El (6%), Hiteh (4%), others (31%)
    Climate: Depending on where one is in the United Kingdoms you might be traveling across hot sandy deserts, barren mountain crags, lush temperate woodlands, run-off flooded marshes, or broad fertile plains. Most of the weather in the United Kingdoms is temperate and distinct seasons mark the passage of each year.
    Major Cities: Minoc (167,000); Tyreis (110,000); Darken (48,000) Yalrum (68,500); Selenea (60,000) Valorian* (54,000); Tersville (45,000) Manes (37,500)
    History: Founded by dissidents of the Eastern Empire in 4545, the United Kingdoms have not always stood United. Wars with the Eastern Empire have both shattered and strengthened the loyalty of fellow Thens (Thens: used to denote one's heredity being rooted in the lands of the United Kingdoms). Valorian has not always been the capital seat of the Overking, Tyreis, Korand, Darken and Selenia have also had the same prestige at various times. In most recent history, the United Kingdoms was united by the demon swarms that boiled out from the Abyss of Tything, an endless dungeon and labyrinth of natural caverns constructed by a variety of maddened races and eternal undead. The Sealing of the Dark Warrens (AC10858), locking the demon lord Ilerth in his own fortress, is used to denote the United Kingdoms current calender year. More recently, as the nation recovered from the Black Scourge (AC 12865 - AC 12868), the tide of war rose again as the nation of Alfheim seized upon the weakened state of the United Kingdoms to recover their heriditary lands, culminating in the Treaty of Grey (AC 12882). The elves invasion has shattered the Kingdoms into three distinct political bodies now. The Protectorate of Biengyar taking control of the islands of the Inner Gulf of Biengyar, the Confederacy of Zhakar comprising of the lands to the east of Alfheim, and the remaining kingdoms which are still called the United Kingdoms.