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High Priest Fjolgunn Helfdir

Lawful Good Male Daernarthor Dwarf
Level 14 Cleric of Arden

Str 15   Dex 9   Con 16   Int 14   Wis 18   Cha 17

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Helfdir (hlf Dur) is a powerful dwarven cleric who was trained at the Golden Monastery of Life in the hills outside of Armada Keep, where the plains of Sheynar meet the Cruth Mountains. He is as well versed in battle as scripture, a necessity in those bandit and monster plagued lands, nevermind the remnants of the Dark Gods army which lurk shattered among the hidden mountainous ways.
    Helfdir is a gifted orator and he is easy to talk to. He speaks with a passion and easily inspires those near to him to action. He is courageous, outgoing, and an experienced pastor of the faith. Helfdir rarely stays at one church of Arden for very long, he serves as an interim pastor for churches which are undergoing transition or whose leaders are away on sabbatical.
    Helfdir is golden-haired, stout, well-muscled, well-dressed, and considered handsome by fellow dwarves. The colors of the church of Arden suit him well.