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King Gamaliel La'Kithsoon

Lawful Good Male Lerether Elf
Level 13 Fighter
Level 10 Aristocrat

Str 19   Dex 16   Con 17   Int 15   Wis 14   Cha 17   Hit Points: 185

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

The noble first son of Mirellian, lord of House La'Kithsoon, and elder brother to Xavier La'Kithsoon. Gamaliel stands about 5'6" and has beautiful golden hair. His demeanor is regal and serene. His birth was recognized by seers of the imperial family to be of great portant, that he was destined to become a great man. Indeed, Gamaliel has risen to greatness and possesses gifts as though the gods themselves have marked him as favored.
    Gamaliel, now roughly 255 years old (AC12887), was born in the new elfin Lerether lands known as Elestinlore. Trained by his father in all manner of courtly intrigue, chivalry, and diplomacy, he quickly became a valuable asset to their elfin house. From birth, Gamaliel has had only the best in education and training. He is considered by many to be among the best swordsmen in the world. By his aunt's marriage into House Elestinlore, Gamaliel was also very close to the rulers of the land. Trusted as few others, Gamaliel has spent much of his life acting as an emissary for his father and also for the royal court of Elestinlore. He has traveled much of the continent of Irendi and dealt with nearly every nation at some time in the past.
    During the time known as the Black Scourge (AC12859 to AC12868) Gamaliel fought alongside his countrymen until the fall of the Forests of Elestinlore to invading armies of the Dark God in AC12861. After this he traveled to the ancient Arnorian Valleys to seek help from the secretive Galiadre elves. Over the following years he would become the a central organizer for Lerether solidarity in the ruins of Elestinlore; he would also improve dialog between Elestinlore and Greentree to a better state than since the two nations split apart (AC9073).
    When General Garen Varana declared himself emperor and plunged Greentree into civil war (AC12866), Gamaliel would side with the ancient Turramen royal line against the insurgent general. Though the fallen Forest of Elestinlore could offer little more than words of support to the Turramen line, the show of support solidified many houses against the rise of Varana as emperor. However, as history shows, Varana would prove to be too powerful of an adversary and the Turramen royal line was deposed. Despite this turn of events, Gamaliel is still a supporter of the surviving prince Delavidus, now a king in exile since the beheading of King Pathos Turramen.
    Gamaliel dwells still in Elestinlore where he reigns as king. He has close ties with the Urdunan Dwarves of Thean, maintains continuous contact with the rebellion forces of Delavidus, and he continues his efforts to return his fallen nation to its former glory. He is well loved by the Lerether of Elestinlore.