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Pastor Genias

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 7 Cleric of Lathidus

Str 12   Dex 11   Con 14   Int 12   Wis 16   Cha 9   Hit Points: 45

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

This spartan priest of Lathidus is a stalwart member of the faction known as the Watcher's of the Deep. He is a small, but fit man, and has an athletic demeanor. Genias originally is from the United Kingdoms and was placed in contact with Tadgh when Tadgh was searching for a priest to accompany him to do battle against a fearsome and evil undead creature which had been found in an unexplored tomb. Genias wields a spiked mace and a flail. He has plain, brown hair cut straight around his head at the ears. His face, while slightly triangular, is somewhat attractive and he carries an easy confidence with himself.