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Neutral Good Male Human
Level 4 Fighter

Str 18   Dex 8   Con 17   Int 9   Wis 12   Cha 11   Hit Points: 36

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

A large, stable man of cautious thought and measured action. Few would choose to face the man in a bar brawl as he easily is larger then most men. Alas, Gorn seems also to be plagued with terrible bad luck (or sweaty palms) and throws his weapons at least once a fight when he must use them - but when his powerful slashes do strike they are with deadly force. Gorn joined up with Therod at the same time as Armand did. He is a loyal companion and can be trusted to not act in a rash manner (unless infuriated by Urdan). Gorn's cautious nature may make him predictable, but it also makes him a dependable companion.